Sunproof outdoor leather is a premium quality fabric which is produced with a series of technical data proving the high performance of the fabric against the natural weather (rain or shine). The synthetic leather has color fastness to light, to rubbing, to chlorinated pool water, water repellency, soil & stain repellency, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew and UV resistance.

Sunproof synthetic outdoor leather is not only elegant, it is water proofed, resistant to UV damage, stain resistant, hygienic and non-flammable. This classic material is easy to care for:

– Brush off loose dirt
– Brush any substantial, encrusted marks by hand, using a soft bristle brush or spatula, then vacuum clean
– Pre-clean with a neutral universal agent (incl. possibly dry foam as well)
– After each cleaning remove any residual surfactant, using spray extraction

For heavy staining we recommend you consult a professional fabric cleaner.

*Note: Always use caution when opening boxes and removing the protective materials. Avoid using anything sharp as to not damage the products.

Download our Leather Care & Maintenance Guide

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