Filling a beanbag is a delicate task, but by following these tips you should have success relatively easily.

  • Start by choosing a space with no breeze – the bath tub has been known as a good place as it helps to contain those stray beans
  • Apply a paper clip to the crown/slider body of the zip to create a pull tab for opening and closing the zipper
  • Place the white liner inside your beanbag and ensure both zippers line up with each other
  • Cut the corner off the plastic bag of beans to create a spout. Hold the spout closed with your hand until you are ready to pour
  • Place the ‘spout’ into both the bean bag and liner and slowly guide the beans into the bags
  • You may need to stop once or twice to adjust the bean bag and liner
  • But be careful not to overfill, as you will need space to let the beans move around when sitting on the beanbag. We suggest filling 3/4 full, closing off both zips and then turn bag over allowing all beans to form the shape of bag before taking your seat.
  • Remove the paper clip after closing off your beanbag as this will prevent children from gaining access to bean filler and accidentally ingesting them! This little step is crucial as IndoSoul’s beanbag products are designed to meet safety standards and prevent children gaining access to the internal filling. Always ensure to remove the paper clip for safe keeping.

Sit back, relax and bask in the luxury of your new IndoSoul beanbag lounger!

Download our Bean Bag Filling Guide

 Outdoor Beanbag Style  Filling Guide
(Recommended Litres)
 Santa Cruz  650/700L
 Striped Uluwatu  650/700L
 Solid Uluwatu  650/700L
 Seminyak  350/400L
 Monsoon  250/300L
 Canggu  600L
 Round Ottoman  120L
 Striped Square Ottoman  80L

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